Since the late 18th Century, Zig Zag has been in the cigarette business, but they have been a household name for a century. The firm is known for making rolling papers for smokers and continues to do so right up to the present day. Today, this French brand is also making a name for their electronic cigarettes. V2 Cigs carries electronic Zig Zag cigs: disposables, pre-filled cartomizers, and e-liquids.

Zig Zag DisposablesDisposable Zig Zag E Cigs Online

There are only two flavors offered in this category: menthol and tobacco. These come in bulk packages, 1.8%. Expect to see them at corner stores and garages. Buy them online from smoke shops. Although the company has its own website, most of the time people associate Zig Zag with V2 Cigs, which is another place they can buy the brand’s electronic products. Zig Zag also makes portable pen-style vapes such as those sold by Atmos and others.

If you find Zig Zag at their own website, they do not sell e cigs on their home page. The closest thing is a series of flavored cigarillos: Sweets, Grape, and Strawberry. These are still cigarettes, though.

A Handful of E-Liquid Flavors

V2 Cigs only carries 60-ml bottles of Zig Zag e-juice: they cost $34.20 and feature 1.8% nicotine. That is an economical way to shop if you know you appreciate a style and do not mind committing to a week or two of vaping a certain e-juice. Flavors at V2 Cigs are Island Breeze, Dragonberry, Mango, Menthol, Traditional Tobacco, and Clove.

Cartomizers by Zig Zag

A package of 5 cartridges for $10.33 is available in traditional tobacco, menthol, or clove. They are also sold in multi-flavor packs if you can’t make up your mind. The cost of 20 cartridges is $36.27. Buy 40 at a time for $67.41 to save a little bit per cartridge: it adds up if you think of the vaping year and how many cartomizer you can expect to get through. Each cartridge should provide 200 puffs at one time. Choose 1.8% or 2.4%. If these do not suit you, V2 Cigs carries a few other nicotine values including zero nicotine and numerous other flavors.

Review of Zig Zag E Cigs

So far, the news is good, but you probably expected that. It’s not as though V2 Cigs had to join forces with another company to become more popular or to fortify their success. Since theirs is one of the top three e cigs on the market, customers would not expect them to sell just any old brand. The company would only elect to work with the best brands supplying excellent quality and flavor. Before trying them, customers know Zig Zag e cigs must have impressed the head man at V2 Cigs.

Customers are also impressed. They consider these flavorful products. Each cartomizer supposedly lasts for 200 puffs: that’s an exaggeration, just in case you believed that claim. Virtually no company manages to live up to this promise, but don’t hold that against Zig Zag any more than you would another brand’s false promises.

More from Zig Zag

The company from Paris still sells cigar wraps, filter tubes, and accessories. The logo featuring a dark-bearded man hasn’t changed. The Zig Zag reputation, so important to their longevity, has been sustained as they explore tasty ways to sell cigarettes while also joining the e cig revolution. Who knows what the next 100 years will hold?