V2 Cigs Pro Series Vaporizer Reviews

In an effort to improve on an already robust product line, V2 Cigs has come up with their latest Pro Series Vaporizers for the e-cigarette aficionado in everyone. This series of vaporizers is a combination of modern design and sophisticated technology that will help to make the vaping experience that much better.

As of this time, the V2 Series 3 Vaporizer Kit is the only one currently released for sale. During the fall of 2014, the Series 7 Vaporizer Kit will become available in November 2014. The Series 9 Vaporizer Kit, arguably the most technologically advanced vaporizer on the market today, will hit the streets in January 2015.

So we still have to wait a little while longer for two of the three excellent vaporizers in this series, but we’ve got the early scoop so we plan to share the specifics about these vaporizers with you today.

Let’s get to the good stuff without any further delay…

V2 Series 3 Pro Vaporizer Kit

Yes it’s true. The Series 3 Kit is now available for purchase. This sophisticated piece of technology is what vaping is all about. It is made of a sleek modern design, and the kit includes a vaporizer, a liquid cartridge and a USB charger. Plus, in order to learn how to use it properly, it does come with a user’s manual as well.

We particularly like this vaporizer because it offers a number of excellent benefits to the user. Some of these wonderful benefits include:

  • Based upon much trial and error, we have determined that this is the best pocket portable e-liquid tank device currently for sale on the market today. None of the other devices can compare to this awesome piece of technology at this time.
  • This vaporizer is specifically optimized for e-liquid, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all that it can handle by any means. It is also quite compatible with essential oil and loose leaf if those are your particular favorite choices.
  • As far as vapor is concerned, the Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Kit is quite satisfying. It gives off a thick cloud of vapor. It’s so potent that it actually seems like your smoking a real cigarette.
  • Out of all of the portable devices available at this moment, the Series 3 Pro Vaporizer is currently the leader as far as heating up loose leaf the fastest is concerned. No other vaporizer heats up the loose leaf as fast as the Series 3.

V2 Series 7 Pro Vaporizer Kit

This Pro vaporizer will be available for purchase in November 2014. We’ve had the opportunity to get our hands on an early model, and can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is the top performing loose leaf vaporizer and it will crush the competition once it hits the market.

It’s also important to note that all it takes is switching your cartridge to turn it into a vaporizer that works perfectly with essential oil or e-liquid. The choice is yours. Just know that this is a top-of-the-line vaporizer that truly impresses.

We believe that the Series 7 Pro Vaporizer offers some incredible benefits to the user. Those benefits include:

  • With the increased battery life, you’ll have the opportunity to experience extended hours of uninterrupted vaping. This is perfect for those who love to enjoy the vaping experience all day long without having to worry about running out of battery life.
  • Employs three distinct temperature settings, which is perfect to create the ideal vaping experience. Works with loose leaf and e-liquids.
  • Works perfectly with high-capacity cartridges. These cartridges were specifically designed to work with essential oil, e-liquid and loose leaf.

V2 Series 9 Pro Vaporizer Kit

The website tells us that this vaporizer kit is for the e-cigarette aficionado looking for maximum vapor control. It’s a techie’s dream kit.

We love the numerous benefits that this e-cig device has to offer. Our favorites include:

  • It has a smart menu system and OLED screen. This gives the user the ability to use advanced customization features to perfectly customize the total vaping experience.
  • Works in conjunction with an advanced loose leaf cartridge. The cartridge is ideal because it can perform convection, conduction or even advanced heating methods.
  • For total vapor control, the Series 9 Vaporizer allows for variable temperatures for loose leaf, as well as variable voltage settings for essential oil and e-liquids.

As you can see, the V2 Cigs Pro Series Vaporizers are taking the market by storm. They are top quality vaping products at their finest.