We are very much looking forwards to the release of the Pro Series 7 vape pen by V2.

The Series 3 was a huge success, and it’s the perfect time for them to release the next version.

You can tell just by looking at it that it’s going to have more power, whether it is just in battery life, or overall performance.

It is a sharp device, and they are claiming it is going to be one of the, if not the best loose leaf vaporizer on the market.

We are very excited to try it out, and will be updating this page with our full review – stay tuned!

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer: 3-in-1 Technology

V2 has finally released their Series 7 vape pen with its unique magnetic system and automatic heat sensors. It is powerful yet discrete. The Series 3 pen paved the way; now V2 customers are ready to see what real power is.

Get to Know the V2 Pro Series 7

This much anticipated second Pro from V2 is a bigger version of the Pro Series 3. The smaller pen is just 15 mm wide but a Series 7 is more than twice that width. Although the Pro Series is growing up, it isn’t growing out of proportion with consumers’ needs. They still want a pen they can tuck in their pockets, into a purse, or in a handbag — and that’s what they get.

Yet the battery has increased nearly 3-fold. Your Pro Series 3 battery provided 650 mAh, like an eGo e cig. The Series 7 offers 1820 mAh. The difference is several hours more vaping when you charge the battery. The battery part is the actual base of your Pro Series 7.

With that bigger cell, customers expect to be treated to a larger tank and won’t be disappointed. Cartridges hold more material. For instance, the tank for e liquid can carry up to 2.4 ml while its predecessor held just 1.6 ml of juice.

The USB charger connects magnetically just as cartridges connect to the base. This special connection means you can’t charge the Pro Series 7 using any other USB device, or vice versa. With a single e liquid tank, USB charger, and the base, a Series 7 bundle sells for $149.99.

A bottle of V2’s e juice (the Platinum series) is not included with the starter kit. Buy a bottle with your starter set and receive a discount. This way you can vape straight out of the box. Purchase an herb or wax cartridge with the kit for less than when they’re purchased separately.

Pros and Cons of the Series 7

I love the idea of magnetically connecting everything. Screw threads tend to wear down over time, making it tough to get cartridges and batteries together. They get stuck and sometimes have to be forced apart. An incomplete connection leads to poor vapor production and leakage. Magnets always connect.

But you can’t use chargers from previous V2 Cigs you have owned or any other USB chargers used with eGo batteries if you have them. Also, you’re paying a lot for the “possibility” of using multiple cartridges even if you just want to vape juice.


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