If you have not visited V2 Cigs for a while, then stop by and take a look. They have made some changes that show how carefully the company is listening to public and pundit opinion. As this V2 Cigs review aims to show, there is always room to grow, even when your company is pretty big to start with. v2cigs.com

Not Taking Status for Granted

V2 Cigs maintains a top position among vapers and reviewers, but the company is not resting on its laurels. Instead, they have heard what you said about limited flavor choices and have currently offer a fun way to get what you want out of pre-filled cartridges. Check out their Customizable Cartridges available in quantities of 100 for $233.51.

The option is packed with features. Select a color of cartridge from a list of Pantones 100 to 117, or Process Yellow. Each of these shades falls within a range from yellow to brown such as shades of tan, orange, mocha.

Your e-cig will look very similar to a regular cig. As for flavors, if you have not already got one in mind, let them help you. Lists of flavors are organized under their respective headings: dessert, tobacco, etc.

You could choose a Ruyan or RY (1-4), Hilton, Swisher Sweets, or Kent. Select pomegranate, licorice, rose, or ginseng. If a flavor you want is not listed, ask for it anyway. When you have chosen a flavor or flavors, type your order into the box provided. V2 Cigs recommends sticking with regular fruits, desserts, etc., or at least not getting carried away. They cannot take back your liquid if it is not what you hoped for.

This is a good reason not to go to extremes with choices such as blending bacon, cream, and pie crust, for instance. Indicate the nicotine level you want, anything from 0.1 to 2.4% rising by increments of 0.1%. Be as descriptive as you can: your creativity is encouraged. Finally, select a base of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.

Limited Editions

You can still buy the flavors V2 Cigs has been producing for ages, like their 10 regular styles and a few special edition flavors. These last three are chocolate, cinnamon, and grape. They will not be sold forever so buy them before they disappear. Ordinary flavors are three types of tobacco, three mint styles, coffee, vanilla, cola, and cherry. Pre-filled cartomizer packs of five each cost $10.33, which is not bad considering you could pay $17 for some brands. As always, buying multiple packs saves you money. Twenty at a time cost $36.27. Pay $17.59 for a sampler set (one of each). Blanks are $8.25 for five.

V2 Flavor Cartridges

Yes, it is possible to pick up compatible blanks for less, and you might do that when you are a more experienced ecig shopper. For now, consider these fair prices. EX Products In 2013, V2 Cigs launched 280mAh EX Batteries; batteries with more capacity than standard V2 versions. These are available in Royale (featuring the Jack from a playing card), brushed steel, carbon fiber, scarlet metallic, and Bloom, each for $31.08.

 V2 Bloom Pattern Battery - Ex Series

The reason for this expense is that the unit is more powerful and longer-lasting than its older cousin, but also comes with a sleeve for your cartridge. Right now, EX Blanks are available, but the sleeve does not fit over it. When EX Pre-filled cartomizers have been released in 2014, the sleeve fits over one of these or a standard V2 Cigs cartridge. Regular batteries are priced $15.52 (the Shorty), $20.70 (standard), and $23.82 (long). These are expensive batteries. I suggest shopping around when you are comfortable with the topic of compatibility.

Starter Kits

Those are all of the new features, but there is still more to say about V2 Cigs. They continue to sell their assorted starter kits and little has changed here. Prices start at $25.89 and rise to $155.62. A Power Cig kit is the cheapest with 5 cartridges included. You choose the flavor. A power cig provides the power to vape using a USB port.

V2 Cigs Power Cig

A Beginner’s Kit for $36.27 contains a single battery, 6 cartomizers, a disposable cig, and an express charger. You choose menthol or tobacco.

V2 Cigs Beginner's Kit

The next kit requires a bit of a jump, a large enough one that you might decide to buy a Beginner’s Kit and a second battery, but the batteries are expensive and a Standard Kit includes a few other items for $62.22.

Standard Kit

For one thing, it comes with ten cartomizers (atomized cartridges). The charging kit is included. Two batteries come in your choice of color (pink, silver, black, blue, or white) and size. A Standard Plus Kit is virtually identical except that it also includes a portable charging case and costs about $40 more. Again, a portable charging case does not have to cost $40, but you will find that out when you look for cheaper batteries, blank cartomizers, and other items. Then there is the Ultimate Kit: $155.62 (recently reduced), which features everything including a power cig, lanyard, car charger, charging kit, three batteries, and 25 cartridges.

Ultimate Kit

A chart shows the cost of purchasing the items in a starter kit one at a time so you can see how much you saved already. There is more than one way to save some money here.

First of all, signing up for the V2 Cigs newsletter entitles you to 15% off your next purchase. Discounts all over then net provide savings from 5% and up, but sometimes only on starter kits. A third way to save money is to become an affiliate marketer with V2 Cigs and earn enough through commission so that your purchases cost little or nothing. Good salespeople even make money they can use for other things, like food and rent.


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Contact V2 Cigs

The hundreds of reviews on this site and several other web pages should answer virtually every question you have. If there is anything else on your mind, contact V2 Cigs using online chat, by posting and email, or by contacting their phone number. Their customer service is highly thought of in the industry.