All You Need To Know About Herbal Vapor Pens by V2

Marijuana also known as cannabis is also used for medication and as psychoactive drug. The government of United States passed a law in 2012, legalizing the use of this herb for medical purposes but pharmacists have been facing a hard time since then. Thanks to this whole regime, herbal vapor pens have become most houses’ utensil. The reason marijuana, any other herb or even tobacco needs to be consumed through vaporizers is so that the lungs do not get affected. With regular smoking, tobacco or marijuana is burnt which releases carbon monoxide and many other cancer causing toxins that destroy human biology. Moreover, Marijuana Vaporizers claim that this device is can used for smoking herbs and aromatic oils other than marijuana or tobacco.

Below are various photos of the devices made by V2, called the V2 Pro Series.

V2 Magnetic Battery

Here you can see the magnetic battery. No other vaporizer has this!

The V2 Vaporizer Line for Dry Herb

The V2 Series 3 vaporizer pen is seen here.


Vapor pens use a method of heating, maintaining the perfect temperature that does not burn the content. As the temperature of the device rises, it releases all the active compounds of the material present in pen’s chamber or bowl. So no smoke or combustion is emitted like regular smoking that harms not only the smoker but also the people around and the environment. Moving further, the same device can be used to inhale lavender, clove, peppermint, clary sage and passion flower. All these ingredients have their very own medical purpose like cloves are used to prevent chest coughs while clary sage helps in overcoming depression. Marijuana vapor pen has become very famous among people as it is constantly carrying out research and development for its customers. It has not just introduced a trendy device but also a complete database of herbs that have medical usefulness.


There is so much variety of vaporizers to choose from as three different types of devices are available including remote heating vaporizer, digital vaporizer and convection vaporizer. The digital one should be used for more sensitive herbs as it gives you complete control over temperature. Other two are more or less the same and this is one of the reasons digital vaporizers are expensive as compared to convection or remote heating ones.

Check out the Series 9 Vaporizer here.