If you shop with an e cig company, they know how tight the competition is and how valuable a rewards system can be. With a loyalty program, they give customers the incentive to stay on the books and to buy only their products, but at a discount. The V2 Vape 4 Free Program is one of the very best in e cig loyalty rewards.

Vape 4 Free with V2 Cigs

Can you really enjoy e cigs without paying anything for them?

In the beginning, no; you have to pay your dues like everyone else by purchasing a starter kit, though there are coupon codes for starter kits and accessories. Moreover, you have to spend money to earn rewards which equate to money you can spend on more V2 products. Points can only be utilized for purchases, not cashed in for a dollar value.

But if you continue to make regular purchases and do a few other easy things, points will accumulate and their value will also grow the more you save.

How to Earn Points

Earn points by spending money: 10 points equals $1 at V2. Write a review about V2 products you use. Refer a friend to the program, and once he spends a minimum of $50 on a product, you get points for bringing him to V2. Finally, subscribe to the V2 Cigs newsletter. Obviously, this only works once. You can, however, write up to 10 reviews yearly.

Qualifying Period

Your points are not available for spending until 30 days have passed. After that you have 12 months to spend them. If you do not spend them during that time, your points simply disappear.

More Club Benefits

As a V2 Cigs reward recipient, you belong to one of three reward levels: Club (with 500 or more points), Premier (1,000+), or Elite (people with 2,000 or more points. Progress through the levels and receive additional benefits.


As you can see, there will be some limits to the program, such as how long points last and how to make a customer referral work for you. V2 points cannot be used to purchase gift certificates and you will not earn points for buying them either. Otherwise, the system is simple.

How to Spend Regularly

Wondering how the points will mount up?

After purchasing a starter kit (read about them here), you will occasionally need to replace batteries, possibly blank cartomizers or clearomizers, and maybe pre-filled cartos. If you buy blanks and use V2 Cigs e liquid, this will help you reach your desired goal quickly.

If you use another brand of liquid, the blanks and clearomizers only last so long: you will soon find yourself in possession of a hefty sum of V2 “money.” Their batteries live for a period of time, not forever. Replacements will also earn you rewards without your having to buy a whole new starter kit.