Your V2 Cigs batteries are rechargeable. But even then, they don’t last forever. You will possibly need a new one or pair of new batteries somewhere between 6 and 12 months after buying a starter kit. Before then you could be buying spares to keep in places where you commonly vape, like your car, for example. Here is a look at their different sizes and prices.

V2 Regular Batteries

These are the original batteries designed to work with original cartomizers, not the EX Series. They are available in 3 sizes: short (67 mm), standard (79 mm), and long (110 mm). Why so many? The shortest one most closely mimics the way a real cigarette feels when it is attached to a cartomizer, but it does not hold onto power very long. You can expect it to give you little more than 160 puffs or 190 mAh, which could take you about 2 hours.

The second size adds about 40 puffs and 60 mAh: perhaps ½ an hour to an hour depending on whether you use an automatic or manual battery. The manual device conserves power because the atomizer does not work until a button is pressed. Automatic batteries remain on standby wasting power constantly but are easier to use: a few puffs activate the atomizer fully.

For a longer battery life with more puffs per charge but more e cig to hold, the long battery provides more than 300 puffs and 360 mAh. With the long V2 battery, you are creeping up to a mini ego in power, though not in style. It still resembles a cigarette with its slim figure. Costs for each battery range from $14.95 to $22.95, so they are fairly expensive.

V2 EX Series Batteries

These are not compatible with EX cartomizers although the blanks work with V2 regular batteries. A single size of EX battery comes in 5 possible colors: Royale, Bloom, Brushed Platinum, Carbon Fiber, and Metallic Scarlet. You pay $29.95 for about 300 puffs so it sits somewhere between a long and regular V2 Cigs battery for more money.

It sounds like you would be foolish to convert and be trapped by their proprietary connection and higher price, but EX Series cartomizers last twice as long as V2 Cigs regular cartomizers which would give out before regular, long batteries did and probably before standard-sized batteries too. Now you have a battery that lives up to the cartomizer.


V2 Cigs simplifies the issue of complementing one side of the V2 product (the battery or cartomizer) with a brand threaded differently by selling adapters. If you like the V2 Cigs battery but not their flavors, attaching an adapter specific to a certain style of connection allows you access to more flavors, or you can choose V2 Cigs cartomizers (including blanks) with other types of batteries.

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